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Our Machines

We manufacture high quality rotational moulding machines engineered with precision for consistent & hassle-free long life. Easy to operate machines with high-end safety measures and lock systems minimizes dependency on skilled labour.

Our machines are an efficient resource for low investment higher return business. Higher quality, better productivity & precision engineering minimizes production cost while ensures low-maintenance machines. Every step in our conceptualization, design & manufacturing process for customized requirement of our clients is an effort towards optimizing their resources and increasing their profits.

Bi-Axial Rotational Moulding Machines

Vinodrai Engineers offers a complete range of bi-axial machines from 500 litres to 30,000 litres capacity. We offer both single station bi-axial machines for low and medium production rate and three arm and four arm machines for high production rate requirements. We also offer pulverisers, compounding machines suitable for LLDPE powder processing. We also have a wide the range of accessories for easing use of the machines.

EN-Series – Single Station Bi-Axial Machine
EN-Series – Single Station Bi-Axial Machine

Single station bi-axial range specially developed for startup entrepreneurs. Highly suitable for low and medium production of water storage tanks. Fuel efficient, low horsepower, low foot print, minimum maintenance & economic production.

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Clamshell – Single Station Bi-Axial Machines
Clamshell – Single Station Bi-Axial Machines

Clamshell bi-axial range specially developed for large tanks. Highly suitable for low and medium production of large tanks. Fuel efficient, low horsepower, minimum maintenance & economic production. Excellent alternative to open fire rock N roll technology

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Three Arm Bi-Axial Machines
Three Arm Bi-Axial Machines Fixed Turret

Three arm bi-axial range developed for high production need of rotational moulding industry. Complete range from 1000 lit to 15,000 lit. Fuel efficient, high productivity, minimum maintenance & economical production. Work horse for industry

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Four Arm Bi-Axial Machines
Four Arm Biaxial Machines Fixed Turret

The four arm bi-axial range with was developed for rapid and mass production. These machines have an additional station for cooling. They are fuel efficient, high in productivity, require minimum maintenance, and offer economical production. They are the workhorses of the rotational moulding industry

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Duroline Bi-Axial Machines
Duroline Series

Acknowledging the requirement of our customers to produce deep cavity double wall technical parts, Vinodrai Engineers has introduced duroline series of four arm bi-Axial rotational moulding machines. These are highly productive state of the art piece of technology surpassing any global standard machine.

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Special Bi-Axial Machines
Special Machines

Vinodrai offers custom designed application-specific rotational moulding machines to suit needs of the customer and market. We have a large experience in making specialized machines for rotolining applications. We also offer small rotational moulding machines for research and development and to educational institutes.

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Auxiliary Machines


Vinodrai comprehensive solutions for the rotomoulding industry includes ancillary machinery in the form of the advanced two-stage pulveriser. We have multiple options for pulverisers that provide high output and can grind even heat sensitive polymers to quality powder.

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Vinodrai’s extruders are designed for ease of use, efficiency and reliability. It is best recommended for PE roto-moulding application. Saving cost for electrical power, manpower and material handling it gives a profitable production.

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Scrap Grinder

For a complete plastic compounding unit a scrap grinder which gives you highest quality plastic granules is a must. Vinodrai provides you with an efficient scrap grinder which will help you reutilize all your plastic scrap. Our technology focuses on getting you a high quality output at lower power consumption creating for you a winning profit opportunity.

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Machine Accessories

Mist Cooling

The mist cooling was designed to reduce the cooling time of the moulds by 40% and thus accelerate production. This is incredibly powerful and portable fan pumps out a mist of water on the targeted area thereby absorbing and removing the heat from the air by evaporation.

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Mould MTG arrangement

Mould MTG arrangement is designed to reduce the mounting efforts and time which in turn would increase your production rate. It is a sturdy design with pneumatic mechanism for raising and holding the mould for mounting

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