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ANB – Armless Bi-Axial Rotational Moulding Machine

Dream machine to start rotomoulding bussiness

ANB 1000 is worlds most compact arm-less bi-axial rotational moulding machine . This patented machine is designed and developed completely in India by Vinodrai Engineers. ANB 1000 is an ideal choice for new businesses as well as budding entrepreneurs, as it requires low electricity, small footprint and low capital investment .

Vinodrai Engineers is known as one of the innovative rotational moulding machine manufacturer.Pioneering many unique productive , fuel efficient & economical world-class machines. Vinodrai helped many new entreprenuers to realise their water storage manufacturing dream.Demand for water storage is growing in rural areas of India and all developing countries. Local manufacturing is need of the hour to offset higher transport costs. This patent pending technology is being, introduced for the first time in world.

  • Makes 20 tanks of 1000 lit tanks in 24 hours.
  • Suitable for all rotational moulded products other than water tank.
  • Small foot-print, compact ma­chine ( 2.6×5.6×3.1 mt ).
  • Low electricity (1 Phase 1.5 H. P ) and fuel cost Free .
  • Free machine operating training .
ANB – Armless Bi-Axial Rotational Moulding Machine

Evolved over the time with operator needs converted to features.

Combination of productivity and fuel efficiency.

It’s industry workhorse with low maintenance and long life.

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