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Custom Rotational Moulding

Vinodrai Offers Custom Moulds and Custom Rotational Moulding Solution ideally suited for new product developments, prototype manufacturing and low volume product manufacturing. It is one stop solutions from designing to finish the product.

Rotational Moulding

Rotational moulding is a stress-free process for making hollow & seamless plastic products. A wide variety of products can be made in rotomoulding as it offers design freedom for making intricated and complicated shapes with double walls, molded-in inserts, undercuts, and detailed contours. Range of material including PE (Polyethylenes), nylon, PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), PP (Polypropylene), and thermoplastics can be used. It is exceptionally versatile process that can produce a huge range of plastic products.

Synergy of CAD/CAM capabilities, latest machines and skilled workmanship gives the best quality fabricated moulds.

In-house Aluminum casting facility is available.

VMC’s and CNC engraving machines of various sizes for intricate moulds with superior finish.


Rotomoulded products are used in many key sectors like:

  • Household: Tanks, flower pots, ice boxes, washing stations.
  • Industry: Chemical storage tanks, containers, crates, pallets.
  • Agriculture: Composters, spray tank, Tractor attachments.
  • Healthcare: Stretchers, Instrument casings, cabinets.
  • Military: Incendiary bomb casings, missile containers, drop boxes.
  • Marine: Kayaks, canoes, boats, floats, buoys and pontoons.
  • Automotive: Truck mudguards, ducting, diesel fuel tanks, toolboxes, EV bodies, tractor dashboards & canopy.
  • Furniture: Table, Chairs, Luxury LED furniture, lightings
  • Toys and playground equipment: Slides, Outdoor gym-equipment, amusement and water park equipment.


  • Low Tool Cost
  • Easy to make complicated shapes
  • Higher Impact strength
  • Great production flexibility
  • Economical for small-batch production
  • Easily swapped out for different colors
  • Inserts, Undercuts & Threads possible
  • Stress free component
  • Uniform wall thickness

Why us ?

Vinodrai Engineers Pvt. Ltd. has been part of the Rotational Moulding industry for 30 years serving 550+ clients over 65+ countries, with technological solutions. We provide a One-stop solution from design to finish the product. We have design team capable of CAD & CAM. We have in-house moulds manufacturing facility to make cast-Al, CNC machined & sheet-metal fabricated moulds. We are strategically locatied in Jalna, 7kms from Dry port and 1km from Samrudhi marg aiding to logistics for both Domestic & Export consignments.