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Why to use RotoMoulding machines to manufacture tanks than in Blow Moulding Machine?

RotoMoulding Technology is used since from 50 years to make storage tanks. In RotoMoulding thickness and uniformity of tank is obtained which is more as compared to Blow Moulding. Thus for making tanks from RotoMoulding is most easy and efficient way.

Whether Machine is used only to manufacture plastic tanks?

No, machine is not used only to manufacture plastic storage tanks but different hollow products and customized products can be made in RotoMoulding Machine according to capacity of the machine.

Can Kerosene or petrol or gas be used as fuel to operate the machine?

Kerosene has low viscosity as compared to Diesel. Kerosene is not available for the use so High Speed Diesel is the only fuel available for the burner. Gas is optional and can be used if there are direct gas supply lines available in your place.

What is the Maximum temperature maintained in the furnace and at what temperature tanks can be manufactured easily?

Maximum temperature of oven is 250℃. But at 180℃ tanks can be made easily.

How the material is poured in the mould for the second layer?

Material for second layer is poured from the top the machine where a hole is provided and hole and the open end of the mould is locked at point of coincide and then a material is poured.

Do we get any guarantee of spares parts?

There is guarantee of the Mechanical parts for 1 year and no guarantee for Electrical Spares.

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